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School backs new Chartered College of Teaching
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Bolton School, Lancashire is supporting the Chartered College of Teaching by encouraging staff to join the new professional body set up by teachers for teachers. The annual membership in the  rst year is at a special introductory price of £39 and the School is offering a contribution of more than 50% to its full- and part- time teachers.
Headmistress of the Girls’
Division, Miss Sue Hincks, said: “As a member of the group that appointed the Founding Trustees, I can certainly vouch that there are high calibre people involved
in running this association, from every key stage, every sector, every region and every educational specialism. It will be a collective voice for teachers and I will certainly be encouraging teachers to join up and to share best practice. The new association
will aim to offer a pathway to professional development for those working in education through online networks, regional communities and access to research material.”
An early joiner to the College is Bolton School teacher, Miss Naomi
Talent shared
A student and teacher from a County Durham school are to share their talent and experience at two prestigious events.
Dr Robin Harrison, director
of music at Barnard Castle Preparatory School, has been invited to speak at the Royal Academy of Music aural symposium in London in April.
Dr Harrison will join music educationalists from the United States and Germany at the round table research event.
It is designed to open up debate into a wide spectrum of views on the nature, purpose and content of aural skills pedagogy, which is the backbone of much of the instrumental, vocal
and compositional training in university and college music.
Meanwhile, Nicholas Mackay, a sixth former at Barnard Castle
Lord: “I’m excited to be part of an organisation made for and comprised of teachers, designed to drive quality standards up from within the profession rather than from without. Participation in research, developmental pedagogy and professional standards, in this manner, should help to bolster the status and standing of the profession in a news climate that reports dwindling numbers and decline. I hope to see a change in public discussion and a new focus on the Chartered College’s aims: the promotion of ‘the art, science and practice of teaching for the public bene t’.”
Dr Kristy Turner, who splits her time between teaching at Bolton School and the University of Manchester, is equally positive: “I hope that the new college will be a force for good in teaching. It appeals as a grassroots led organisation, not imposed
by central government or management but lead by teachers for teachers. So far I have been impressed by the information put out and their willingness to listen. It remains to be seen whether they will have in uence with government but I am optimistic.
School, performed in a concert to mark the 21st anniversary of Samling Academy at Sage Gateshead.
Simon Dearsley, director of music at Barnard Castle School, said: “The invitation to Dr Harrison and Nicholas’s selection to Samling Academy are both prestigious honours and we’re delighted that their respective expertise and talent have been recognised in this way.”
Samling Academy  lls a geographical gap between Manchester and Glasgow where there is no conservatoire offering high level, performance-based opportunities for young singers.
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