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Banner goes backstage
A York School is urging top musicians to Stand as One at this month’s Glastonbury music Festival.
Students at Bootham School, Yorkshire, have designed and created a special banner which supports Oxfam’s campaign to show solidarity to refugees across the world.
As an Oxfam World Shaper School, Bootham was invited to make the banner to hang in the celebrity VIP area backstage at the festival.
World Shaper schools enable young people to become world-
aware and understand the role of their voice and actions in a global society.
Liz Brown, Leader teacher on Global Citizenship, said: “We chose a motif of hands reaching out to welcome refugees which  ts in with York being a City of Sanctuary and we recognised how as humans we can all reach out to others in peace and kindness”.
The art work was coordinated by Jade Blood in the art department and students from across the year groups helped to complete the colourful work to convey
the message in a cheerful and accessible way.
Music from The Movies
An evening of singing, dance and music - from Peter Pan to My Fair Lady, James Bond to Sister Act, Lion King to Aladdin, Toy Story to Phantom of the Opera – was staged by students at the Towers Convent School, Sussex.
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