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Salvage cash
Shaun Fenton named HMC chair
Ipswich High School for Girls Head Oona Carlin and the school’s Head Girls had an exciting day earlier
in the year, looking for hidden treasure throughout the School for TV programme ‘Salvage Hunters’. Presenter and antique dealer Drew Pritchard came with a full television crew to  lm for the 10th Series of the TV show which aired last month (March).
Ms Carlin, Nia and Millie gave Drew a tour of the School and let
him look for items to buy and sell on. All of the proceeds from the items would go to the School’s chosen charity – Ipswich Hospital’s Macmillan cancer treatment facility, the Woolverstone Wing.
The biggest and most exciting  nd was a replica wall hanging of the Elgin marbles which was purchased for £1500 (image below).
There was also a decorative  re grate (sold for £250) and two easels (sold for £50).
Reigate Grammar School, Surrey, headteacher Shaun Fenton has been named Chair of the HMC (Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference) for 2018-19.
Mr Fenton has been head of RGS since 2012 and was previously head of Pate’s Grammar School, a state sector academy, and
Sir John Lawes School, in Hertfordshire, a comprehensive school, both rated Outstanding by schools inspectorate Ofsted under his headship. When at Pate’s, he was Chair of the Grammar School Headteachers’ Association (GSHA). He is the only person in the country
to have been head of a comprehensive, a state grammar, an academy and now a top independent school.
Mr Fenton was educated at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School, Elstree, and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Keble College, Oxford. After a brief
Drew Pritchard and Oona Carlin
*A Pro le interview with Shaun Femnton appeared in last September’s ISM - available online at:
Counting on success
A Surrey sixth-former had to answer maths questions in front of an audience to win  rst prize in the prestigious Who Wants to be a Mathematician contest.
Connie Bambridge-Sutton, who studies at Reigate Grammar School, quali ed for the  nal round back in the autumn term, and since then she has been preparing for the  nal, which took place in front of an audience of several hundred maths students. Connie was one
of only six UK students to qualify for the  nal round of the contest, which is organised by the American Mathematical Society.
Reigate Grammar School maths teacher Joshua Evans, who attended the competition, says watching the  nal round was a nail-biting experience: ‘With only  ve questions between Connie
and the  nal two competitors going into the last section of the competition, we were all feeling a little tense, but Connie sailed through.’
*The  nal question that won Connie the competition was  nd (1+i)^6.
See below for Connie’s explanation:
spell in the City, he trained to be a teacher before undertaking an MEd in School Leadership back at Oxford. He also holds an NPQH (National Professional Quali cation for Headship).
Mr Fenton said: ‘This will be the  rst time that the Headmaster of Reigate Grammar School has been Chair of HMC in the 148- year history of the HMC, and I believe it may be the  rst time that any school in Surrey has held the chair of HMC.’
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Now i^2=-1, as i is the imaginary number which is the square root of minus one. There are different ways to approach the question. During the competition, I started a binomial expansion, which turns out not to be the fastest way! Another way to approach it is to say that it is equal to ((1+i)^2)^3 , and then we can evaluate (1+i)^2=1^2+2x1xi+i^2=1+2i-1=2i, so this simpli es nicely. We can then cube this to get (2i)^3=8xi^3, but since i^2=-1, i^3=-i, so multiplying this by 8 we get the  nal answer, -8i.

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