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Stylish dinner format for careers initiative
No other manufacturer can offer all the major display technologies; at the NEC Solutions Showcase, you can compare projection, large format LCD and LED technologies in the knowledge that NEC can deliver the solution which is perfectly tailored to your speci c requirements.
We have partnered with over 35 solutions providers to present fully working solutions as you might  nd in a wide range of daily experiences; at the shops, in your place of learning, when travelling or enjoying your leisure time. In the education zone, visitors will experience collaborative learning spaces, a lecture theatre set up, a design studio and editing suite.
A highlight of the show will be NEC’s In nityBoard solution. A powerful and scalable collaborative workspace tool, universities are seeing huge potential for creative learning and presentation.
Supporting NEC’s powerful embedded Open Modular
Intelligence platform, new
super slimline V & P Series large format displays will feature throughout Showcase alongside the forthcoming new C Series for low cost professional signage, ideal for student outreach across diverse campuses.
Laser projection continues to
offer a compelling proposition in many sectors especially education. Combining the long-life bene ts
of laser with the brilliant colour brightness of LCD, plus no  lter and zero maintenance, the new NEC PA653UL is the world’s  rst laser projector to bring this compelling feature bundle to market.
Westholme School, Lancashire,
has developed a new networking event which brings together current and former students - a speech
and dinner followed by inspiring conversation focussing on life skills, opportunities and next steps.
The guest Alumni enjoyed a champagne reception on arrival which provided them with the chance to catch up with old friends and staff. At the same time, current students from Years 11, 12 and 13 enjoyed a welcome reception of their own with canapes and soft drinks.
speech. His words about hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm certainly provided our students with a focus to work towards. His closing quote of ‘aim for the moon and even if you miss, you might hit a star’ couldn’t have been more appropriate.
Dinner was then served. To ensure everyone met as many people as possible, Alumni changed places between courses and were seated at different tables. The atmosphere was warm and lively; conversation  owed easily, contact details were swapped and everyone agreed the evening was working out well.
Guests were then free to mingle and make more of those all-important connections, before the evening drew to an end.
WHEN: Wednesday 17th – Thursday 18th May 2017 WHERE: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1
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Yearbook 2016-17
128th edition published March 2017
Everyone then congregated for
the formal start to the evening.
After an of cial welcome from
Principal Lynne Horner, Mr Edwin
Booth, DL, delivered the Keynote
Pictured: Miss Olivia Facer (Alumni), Miss Sophie Ward (Alumni), Mrs Lynne Horner (Principal)
Technology for Education at the NEC Solutions Showcase
New union gets the go-ahead
The Independent Schools Yearbook is the highly-respected book of reference of Independent Schools in membership of the Independent Schools Council’s Associations: HMC, GSA, The Society of Heads, IAPS, and ISA.
Published and updated annually since 1889 the ‘Blue Book’ is
often referred to as the ‘Bible’
of information on independent schools. More than 1,400 School Pro les with information on Contact details, Location, Facilities, Numbers, Admission, Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries, Staff, Curriculum, Sports/Games, The Arts, Extra-Curricular Activities, Community Service, Recent/ Planned Developments, News and Events. “May I say how valuable and useful your publication proves itself to be - I regularly direct
97,000 of the 421,000 members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) returned a vote in the recent ballot about combining the two organisations to form the new National Education Union.
Of those, 73% of ATL members and 97% in the NUT voted ‘yes’.
The National Education Union will therefore come into existence on 1 September 2017. ATL
and NUT operating parallel sections under a joint executive committee until 2019 and with joint general secretaries until 2023. New rules will come
in on 1 January 2019, a new executive will be elected and the ATL and NUT sections will be integrated. Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney will remain as joint general secretaries until July 2023 when there will be an election for one general secretary of the new union.
parents to it when considering senior school options as well as using it extensively myself.” Head of an IAPS School
Online discounted price £63 inc delivery.
ATL Ballot Results
Total number of papers issued: 121,083
Total number of ballot papers returned: 29,841 Total number of spoiled papers: 111
Number voting ‘YES’: 21,722
Number voting ‘NO’: 8,008
Percentage voting ‘YES’: 73%
NUT Ballot Results
Total number of papers issued: 300,046
Total number of ballot papers returned: 67,865 Total number of spoiled papers: 29
Number voting ‘YES’: 65,908
Number voting ‘NO’: 1,928
Percentage voting ‘YES’: 97.2% yearbook-2016-2017-9781472935007/
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