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Are you 100% confident all your external swimming pool users are compliant with their health and safety and teacher requirements?
Does renting your pool out to numerous external users mean additional administration time and people to deal with?
Do all the external users you deal with provide the school with long term guaranteed income?
said: “I report to the Bursar and produced a business case for HydroKidz based on a long-
term return. We are interested in making money from our sports facilities if the activities do not disrupt school life, are well run and meet all safety and regulatory requirements. We were previously inundated with enquiries about ad hoc pool use, which has stopped now that we work with a single provider.”
Commenting on the school’s experience with HydroKidz, Bate goes on to say: “At HydroKidz
I see parents engaged in their child’s development, the children gaining con dence around water, in lessons that are fun and full of purpose. I get good feedback about HydroKidz from parents and also from Bluecoat staff. The HydroKidz ethos is clear and everyone involved is extremely professional.”
Richard Harland, Director of HydroKidz said: “It’s simple;
you’re only as good as your weakest user when it comes
to matters such as health and safety. Dealing with numerous companies is time consuming and has a cost attached and often doesn’t secure long term nor maximum income from your pool. At HydroKidz we offer a simple, safe solution for schools which safeguards their reputation whilst also maximising income.”
HydroKidz is looking for other schools to partner with and
is happy to provide further information and to arrange an initial informal chat over the telephone or in person.
Please contact Richard Harland on 07813 604044 or You can also download a copy of their brochure at
Having your own swimming
pool is a fantastic resource for your pupils but often it’s also an expensive and dif cult facility
to administer. Not only are there numerous health and safety and compliance issues to manage but running a pool is expensive too.
Many schools look to private hire to provide income to defray operating costs. This is a sensible option
given that it is rare for the pool
to be fully utilised outside school hours and term time. Commercial swim schools, holiday activity clubs, amateur swimming clubs, scuba diving groups and other private schools are typical users although by far the most common hire is to commercial swim schools.
Hiring the pool means the school must ensure the compliance
of every external user and may also have to look at the usage
in the context of its own child safeguarding policies, particularly
if pupils are still present on site when the hire takes place. Not to mention the headache of managing bookings and payments and operational problems given to a lucky member of the school team!
Most schools hire to several
different swim schools and as such compliance can only ever be as good as the weakest user. Why not hire
to just one company then? This can be for historic reasons but usually it’s because no one swim school can promise to utilise the full amount of time available to hire.
Enter HydroKidz Swim School. Recognising the challenges
facing schools, HydroKidz offers
a unique one partner solution. HydroKidz commits to take all
the available pool time (time the school would usually allocate to swim schools) and does this as a long term partners with the school, guaranteeing both long term income and demonstrable  rst class compliance. HydroKidz applies the principle that it’s ‘your pool, your rules’ and ensures activities are in keeping with the school’s own high standards and reputation.
Reading Blue Coat School and Mary Hare School in Newbury are typical examples. Before HydroKidz partnered with them, both schools had a number of external swim school hirers. Chris Bate, Sports Facilities Manager
You may already have revenue from several external swim schools, however HydroKidz o er a single partner solution with long term agreements to reduce the risk whilst maximising your school’s  nancial return.
• One partner, one solution
• Best choice for risk management – OFSTED ready solution • Income from spare pool capacity for years ahead
• Quality assured – ASA Accredited Swim School
Swimming lessons – the trusted, expert partner for schools
Visit our microsite at for more information Email: Telephone: 0118 402 28 99
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