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Harrison Catering Services is an established, independent, family business that prides itself on creating fresh food on site from scratch. Established in 1994 by Chairman Geoffrey Harrison, the business understands that food plays a particularly important role in the independent education sector.
Harrison takes seriously its responsibility to ensure that students and staff have access to healthier, nutritious, well-balanced and innovative dishes. These are increasingly provided 24/7, not just on site but also to students participating in expeditions.
It’s important that students’ requirements and needs are understood whether on a sports pitch when quick bursts of energy are required or during an expedition where energy levels have to be sustained over a much longer period of time. This is where the Harrison food with thought proposition really comes into action.
Harrison is totally committed to inspiring people to make healthier and nutritious choices through access to fresh vegetables, salads, healthier snacks and fresh fruit daily. Every egg used is British- sourced and free range and
the majority of meat is British- sourced too. Harrison has always provided healthier meals prepared on site from scratch using fresh ingredients but has now also created recipes to meet the
needs of students participating
in high physical performance activities off site. Following an independent trip where a Harrison chef accompanied students to Morocco, a need was identi ed to create a range of foods to provide
energy that were quick and easy to cook outdoors.
Harrison creates nutritionally- balanced menus for all its clients and provides a diverse menu of nutritious, enjoyable meals in
every school using the expertise
of Company Nutritionist Dr Juliet Gray. It was a natural choice for Mark Stower, Director of Food Services at Harrison to work closely with Dr Gray to create a suite of recipes of high nutritional value to meet the need for young explorers in extreme conditions.
Mark enthused ‘we needed to take on board the nutritional requirements of students in
a diverse range of conditions, with varying altitudes and an extreme range of temperatures. We discussed the different types of food groups and looked at the nutritional composition of a long list of ingredients. We also had to consider ease of use, environment and health and safety. Students often carry ingredients on their backs so food has to be easily transportable particularly from
a weight perspective and needs to withstand harsh conditions from very hot to very cold temperatures’.
A range of recipes was produced but not before being thoroughly tested. Mark tried cooking a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner outside on transportable gas stoves. This was challenging and really forced him to focus on the practicalities of cooking outdoors with limited equipment. As a result Mark compiled a range of recipes that he knew would work well for the purpose of expeditions.
The recipe cards really add value and clearly demonstrate Harrison’s commitment to delivering food with thought. The service is truly customised and ensures students
and staff are eating a balanced diet that supports their performance inside the classroom and out, enabling Harrison to provide the maximum support to clients.
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