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‘All American’ show
Framlingham College, Suffolk, students brought the music and spoken word of America
to life through ‘Americana’, a celebration of American culture and entertainment. The show was an unrivalled success, with outstanding performances from every student who took to the stage. Not only did the evening showcase the huge wealth of talent that is clearly being nurtured at the school,
it also shone a spotlight on the students’ mature and well- informed approach to performing. The journey through American culture took the audience from the high energy and wit of songs such as Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ and ‘In constant sorrow’ through to a moving performance of ‘Strange Fruits’ by Jack Gionis who has recently been awarded
a Composition Scholarship at the Royal College of Music and
the talented Jemma Crossley. The students used extracts from ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and ‘O, Captain,
my captain’ by Walt Whitman amongst others, to underpin the themes of the evening.
Director of Music, Lucy Bloore said, “I am privileged to work with such hard working and committed students. Each one produced a performance that was both out of their comfort zone, and beyond their imagination.”
Framlingham College Headmaster, Paul Taylor added, “It truly
was a wonderful show, with
a refreshingly wide variety of music, poetry and prose. The sheer quality of many of the performances was breathtaking, and there was an atmosphere
of warmth and mutual support throughout the evening that re ected so much of what we value as a College”.
Cathedral music
The 48th Exeter School Choral Society concert once again proved to be a highlight within the calendar of the broader school community. Taking place in Exeter Cathedral, the choir consisted of parents, staff, friends and pupils, including Music teacher Tina Guthrie’s Middle School Choir. The orchestra of professional players featured a number of the school’s visiting music teachers, along with several senior instrumentalist pupils.
The concert began with Haydn’s magni cent Nelson Mass, under the baton of Assistant Director of Music Tom Brimelow, complemented by
the bass solos provided by Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Michael Latimer.
Director of Music Peter Tamblyn took to the conductor’s rostrum for the second half, which featured a longer Rutter work, the Magni cat.
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