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1 3/29/17
5:29 PM
Improving life choices and achieving life goals for young people across the UK
Empowering Communication Skills for Student Employability
Complimentary Careers Workshop Available for Your School
Would you like your students to ...
Stand out from the crowd? Be career ready?
Deliver with impact, confidence and credibility at interview?
Pinnacle Performance Academy is offering complimentary career workshops for up to 15 schools.
We train young people to achieve engaging and confident communications by leveraging the same techniques that our global, award-winning parent company, Pinnacle Performance Company, uses to train corporate executives around the world.
Application deadline: 15th May 2017*
From mastering interview preparation, to handling challenging questions, projecting confidence and selling yourself, a young person’s profession is dependent on the critical communi- cation skills needed for career success.
*Eligible schools are awarded the programme on a first-come first-served basis.
For more information, please contact
Lizzie Yirrell
Global Head of Pinnacle Performance Academy, 07903 080 280
Employees of Pinnacle Performance Academy, a company speci cally created to address the gap
between the communication skills businesses need and secondary student’s existing soft skills, are getting their walking boots on
and participating in the National Three Peaks Challenge with the goal of raising £20,000 to teach effective communication skills to 250 disadvantaged young people in underperforming schools.
The National Three Peaks Challenge is one of the hardest sporting challenges undertaken for charity, challenging hikers to climb the largest mountains in England, Scotland & Wales in ONLY 24 hours! All funds raised will be used to teach young people aged 14-16 years the critical communication skills needed for employability, further education, or entrepreneurship. The Academy will prioritise schools by deprivation areas across the UK (as identi ed by the Department for Education).
According to The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the top three skills U.K. employers seek in young applicants include communication, teamwork and con dence. Employers now
rate communication skills as their highest priority above quali cations, with, 60% of employers’ stating that applicants are not demonstrating suf cient communication and interpersonal skills, according to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
The Economic Cost through
lost productivity and bene ts payments in the UK annually is £4.69B, according to The Prince’s Trust. “We believe students and graduates deserve better, brighter futures and we know we can
make a difference by empowering them with the communication
skills needed for career success,” said Lizzie Yirrell, Global Head of Pinnacle Performance Academy. “Through Pinnacle Performance Academy, students now have access to world-class, award-winning communication skills training that can unlock their employability potential and support their progression into further education and the business sector.”
Using funds raised through sponsorship and donations, Pinnacle Performance Academy will teach
the same core communication skills its award-winning sister company, Pinnacle Performance Company, teaches to business professionals around the world. Students
will learn how to deliver their messages credibly, con dently and concisely using Peformance-based communication skills, the same time-tested techniques that have made actors con dent, believable and engaging for centuries. They will also learn Pinnacle’s award- winning, three-step process, the Pinnacle MethodTM, which teaches participants to understand and master how to communicate with purpose.
Through workshops, seminars, assemblies, career days, individual coaching and virtual learning, the Academy will provide students
with the communication skills needed for interviewing, including creating a strong  rst impression, overcoming nerves and projecting
a con dent presence, handling dif cult questions and crafting a positioning statement. Students will also learn on the job communication skills, including communicating in meetings, presentation skills and handling dif cult conversations.
For more information, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lizzie Yirrell, Global Head of Pinnacle Performance Academy at / 07903 080 280 /
To donate to one of the most needed skills in secondary education today and help us increase the employability rates of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, please visit:
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